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XML is a language to describe the data


I have practiced here

Just like the example here:

Root element is a must have element…

Element vs Attribute:
The way can be followed

or like this

It’s better to avoid attributes in XML ..It’s better for HTML but in XML it better to use as elements or subchild what you say….It’s not stricted like html that where to use Attribute and where to use as element

Sometimes in XML we have to use attributes for metadata identify the xml


XML namespaces: Various method can be followed

Same Table name can conflict in XML:

like this

with this

two are diffent meaning but name is same so it can be conflict

solution is to using prefix before the name:

just like this

So it will never be conflict 🙂

XML Namespcaes – xmlns attribute

it can also write like this:

Default Namespaces:


The XML that is carrying HTML table

The XML that is carrying egg white:

Namespcaes in real life uses: here XSLT used XSLT is stands for XML Transformaion which transform XML documents into other formats like XHTML