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Some exercises I need to use instead of others


Some shoulder workout


What Bodybuilders See ! :D


Body Maintenance (For Fitness Lovers)

A well balanced food keep your body on the shape though you are not working out for a long time.
Suppose you are not working out regularly for 2 weeks or one month.But you want to stay in shape.
So here is the workout routine I am maintaining just now:

Nothing special: Actually I am working out now when I am free.
So in this case I mainly workout 2 days in a week or else.One day for cardio and Other for weight training…Though there is an issue I am facing now for strength also.For being not regular in actual fitness lifestyle sometimes I feel I am losing the strength which I get after weight training.

Preworkout: just like simple carbs and other protein based diets.My goal is no bulking up or shredding just to maintain the physique which I got .That’s it.

Postworkout:Sometimes Tilapia or Chicken Breast piece(depends on availability).Simple carbs and Some veggies.That’s all

My triceps and biceps after 12 days workout….i want to give more time on this but can’t getting enough time for exercise due to my upcoming exams :( :(


My Life Chart During Ramadan

I am in the Gym just before Iftar time

For controlling weight,muscle and body shape normal I used to follow this routine during Ramadan…And Alhamdulillah I am satisfied with my daily routine in this month 🙂


For carbs:
1 plate brown rice

Green Vegetables(1 plate)

For protein:Small fish (6-8 pieces)
1 Egg white (Sometimes I eat whole boiled egg with yolk)
Date (8-10 pieces)
1 cup milk without fat (I remove cream from the milk)
Sour Yogurt (1 cup)Fruits:2 Pieces of Banana
1 Piece Malta
1 Piece Guava
1 piece CucumberWater (2.5-3 Liters)Workout Just before Iftar about 50 minutes ago [Duration 30 minute]



Water(2 Liters)
Dates (10 Pieces)
1-2 Pieces of Brown Flour Roti
1 plate Green Vegetables
Sour Yogurt (1 cup)
1 Piece Malta
1 piece Cucumber

Dinner(I try to eat just Before Tarabi) [Before 10 o’clock]:
1 Guava/1 Malta
Water 3 Liters
2 Table Spoon Isobgul

By maintaining this daily routine I have lost 2 kg’s of my body weight during Ramadan..Alhamdulillah

My food routine is like this Heavy>Medium>Light

And as a Muslim I am Proud…Alhamdulillah 🙂