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Obligatory Radio Bill In Germany :(

Here I have shared some links:

Mission Advanced Formal Modelling

Best Photo Editor in Online

German Bureucracy to Complete After Coming For Study

Anmeldung : the compulsory registration

What is statistics?

Statistics is the art of dealing with Data of:
a. large amounts
b. error-tagged
Statistics is divided into two parts:
16 Introductory Data Analysis – HIS
1. Descriptive statistics:
• Calculating characteristic values: mean, median, standard deviation
• Graphical representation
2. Pedictive statistics: that tries to predict facts about large populations or about manufacturing
processes from observed/ measured facts in a small (produced) sample.

A2 Revise


Learning R for statistikal analysis

Java Programming Recap In Sha Allah

A2 Level: Adjective Endungen

Revising German A2 and Completing B1

Mission Machine Learning

Pagerank Algorithm Eigenvalue


Square Matrices



Geometric Interpretation




For Loops in Python






Python String formatting

Playing With String in Function of Python

With First letter capital:

Converting string to int:

For Python 1 and 2




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