Deep Dive Into Cloud Computing: Docker and Kubernetes and Basics

What is docker ?
Instance of redis in my computer

Why we use docker ?
Docker makes it really easy to install and run software without worrying about setup and depenedenies

Docker ecosystem-> Docker client Docker server Docker machine Docker images Docker hub Docker compose

Used docker command:

docker run hello-world
Syntax: docker                         run                         <image-name>
(Referencing the docker client)      Trying to run the container           Name of the image to use for this container


docker ps
#some docker commands
docker ps --all
docker start 78e053d5e074
docker system prune

docker create busybox echo hi there
docker start 

docker logs <container_id>
docker create busybox echo hi there

stop a container:
docker stop <container_id>
kill a container:
docker kill <container_id>

redis is inmemory datastore

docker exec id redic-cli stdin, stdout, stderr
docker exec -i -t

 docker exec -it <container id> <command>
reference the docker client run another command allow us to provide input to the container id of the container command to execute

docker run <image_name>
docker run -it busybox sh
docker ps


docker run -it busybox sh
# ls
# touch hithere
# ls

we are using node.js server
Docker on AWS:

npm run start = starts up a development server. For development use only
npm run test= run tests associated with the project
npm run build = build a production version of the application

We need Travis CI
AWS hosting

One question to professor:
For lab report:
Explain what is the output, what is the process and some codes. Some screenshots.
What does documentation contains is it lab report A4 page ?

Redis is a in memory data store.
Multiple container can be multinode

Best Tutorial For Learning Docker For Windows in Short :

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